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Experience the power of technology orchestrating your entire building. Lighting adjusts itself automatically, impress with programmable scenes, manage everything from a single place and do other fantastic things. Cutting edge is this.


Benefits of Our Solutions

You can expect to make a four-pronged improvement with our solutions.

Safety & Security
Cost Efficiency


Lighting Management System

Manage the lighting of your entire building from a single intuitive control center. Lighting management systems are becoming more common, as each market demands the best products at the lowest cost, all of which produce aesthetically pleasing results. In the end, our lighting management systems not only create productive and pleasing ambience but also save high energy costs. Lights can be grouped for better control and operation. Lights can be powered with sensors as well. 


  • On-off based LMS
  • DMX-based LMS
  • KNX-based LMS 
  • CBUS-based LMS
  • Dali-based LMS
  • HVAC / Security integration


Electrical Solutions

Advanced electrical solutions bring in convenience, cost savings and unparalleled flexibility in wiring design. Reducing your building’s power consumption is usually the first step to cutting operational costs and related environmental impact. Integrated electrical and communication systems can bring tremendous savings in energy costs. We’ve executed several large-scale projects in commercial sector across Singapore and Sri Lanka. 


  • High and low voltage engineering (heavy engineering)
  • Energy management & monitoring
  • Load management solutions


Industrial Automation

Want the temperature in your room not too cold or not too warm – and maintain the temperature throughout the day? Want to turn on your bedroom AC while you leave the office or turn it off automatically when you leave for office? Or adjust the room temperature based on the weather outside – and get smarter about energy costs? Yes, it’s all possible with next-gen smart automation systems. You should enjoy it already. Interface with Building Management Systems(BACnet)

  • Smart Conveyors
  • Packaging and Material Handling
  • Food and Beverage processing
  • Custom Solutions


Security Systems

Security systems are one of the first things in home automation to become smart. From intrusion alarms to video door phones, from smart locks to motion sensors (that detect suspicious movements quick enough to alert the police), from lighting systems that can be activated remotely, there’s an array of smart security systems that have matured quite nicely. Wherever you are in the world, with our security systems you can rest assured that your properties are always protected.

  • Direct KNX Security Integrations for Smoke, Heat and Outdoor(Mainly Residentials and small commercial Buildings).
  • Fire Alarm / PA Systems


Energy Monitoring

It’s now easier to save energy costs for your industrial buildings with our convenient energy monitoring tools. Becoming aware of your energy consumption is the first step to optimizing it. Our tools allow you to monitor the consumption levels 24/7, receive alerts on erratic behaviour and get clarity on energy leakage. 

  • Peak Demand Monitoring
  • Current Detection
  • Load Shedding
  • Energy Pulse Counting
  • Data Logging
  • Network Monitoring & Alerts

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