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Step into the world of incredible lifestyle advantages, right inside your home. It’s your chance to provide the ultimate comfort, convenience and security to your family, & savings, peace of mind and control to yourself.


Turn lights on or off with your smartphone, from anywhere in the world. Automatically turn them on or off, to efficiently control power usage, based on your movements. Dim lights to match your moods and preferences or to match available natural light, using super-smart wi-fi lighting controls. Or want a specific lighting configuration for watching movies, celebrations or focused work – we’ve covered it all. Group lights for easier control and operation. Schedule your lighting with timers. 

  • Energy efficient
  • Complete control over lighting
  • Control with remote or smartphone
  • RGB lighting control
  • DMX lighting control
  • Sensor-based lighting controls

Blinds / Curtains

Advanced blind control systems let you open or shades and sun protection screens with a click on your smartphone or tablet. Remotely control your home against winds or storms even if you’re a far away from it. If you’re in your home, make your blinds wake you up by gently letting in the sunlight little by little. Technology gives you the ultimate comfort and convenience. Get ready for the magic.

  • Single-touch controls
  • For energy efficient buildings
  • Remotely controlled

Air Conditioning

Want the temperature in your room not too cold or not too warm – and maintain the temperature throughout the day? Want to turn on your bedroom AC while you leave the office or turn it off automatically when you leave for office? Or adjust the room temperature based on the weather outside – and get smarter about energy costs? Yes, it’s all possible with next-gen smart automation systems. You should enjoy it already.

  • Automatic temperature control
  • Remotely controlled
  • Highly energy efficient

Security Systems

Security systems are one of the first things in home automation to become smart. From intrusion alarms to video door phones, from smart locks to motion sensors (that detect suspicious movements quick enough to alert the police), from lighting systems that can be activated remotely, there’s an array of smart security systems that have matured quite nicely. Wherever you are in the world, with our security systems you can rest assured that your properties are always protected. 

  • Video door phones
  • Security alerts
  • Home simulation

Multi-room Audio/ Home Theatre

Experience the elegance and comfort of motorized curtains, to let in the perfect amount of light. Control the curtains with your phone or a smart remote control. These ultra-silent curtains open and close without creating any annoying sound. Automate their opening and closing with pre-programmed instructions. This is yet another quality production JIP Tech to make your life ultra-comfortable and uber-convenient. 


  • Audio / video
  • Multi-room Audio/ Home Theatre

Scene Controls

Smart Function Creator makes it easy and intuitive to create smart home functions. Add any elements of the visualization to a scene by dragging and dropping and use clocks and events as triggers. Connect several of these triggers with AND or OR links. Creating smart home functions is easy

  • Peak Demand Monitoring
  • Current Detection
  • Load Shedding
  • Energy Pulse Counting
  • Data Logging
  • Network Monitoring & Alerts

Energy Monitoring

It’s now easier to save energy costs for your home with our convenient energy monitoring tools. Becoming aware of your energy consumption is the first step to optimizing it. Our tools allow you to monitor the consumption levels 24/7, receive alerts on erratic behaviour and get clarity on energy leakage. 

  • Peak Demand Monitoring
  • Current Detection
  • Load Shedding
  • Energy Pulse Counting
  • Data Logging
  • Network Monitoring & Alerts

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